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How we validate emails

Syntax errors validator

Syntax error checker removes emails with invalid syntax.

Disposable emails cleaner

Get rid of short-lived email addresses. We determine temporary emails: your future emails will reach an inbox.

Catch-All Domain checker

Null Bounce email verifier identifies catch-all domains that return valid status for all emails.

Email duplicates checker

We detect all duplicate emails in your list and you pay only once for each.

Role and free email

We show which addresses are role-based and which are served by free email providers.

Anti-greylisting method

Our engine behaves in accordance with standards for email servers to reduce unknown email results.

Hard bounce validator

Our email engine tells you which addresses will bounce. Validate your list regularly to have a low bounce rate.

MTA Validation

Is there a server accepting email messages? We make elaborate checks to validate MX records.

Unknown results are free

You pay only for successfully validated emails. All unknowns are free.

Email Verification Pricing

1,000 emails
$0.0050 / email
5,000 emails
$0.0020 / email
Save 60%!
10,000 emails
$0.0015 / email
Save 70%!
25,000 emails
$0.0012 / email
Save 76%!
50,000 emails
$0.0010 / email
Save 80%!
100,000 emails
$0.0009 / email
Save 82%!
200,000 emails
$0.0007 / email
Save 86%!
500,000 emails
$0.0006 / email
Save 88%!
1,000,000 emails
$0.0005 / email
Save 90%!
2,000,000 emails
$0.0004 / email
Save 92%!
5,000,000 emails
$0.0003 / email
Save 94%!
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